Visiting Widmer

Welcome to Widmer, the home of the happy horse and rider. We hope that you enjoy your visit.

To keep everyone happy and safe during your visit, please have a look at the info below.

Please be reminded that children are always welcome here at Widmer but animals can react to loud screams and fast moving objects. For this reason we ask for you to  keep your children with you at all times.

Not all the horses living here belong to the riding school, some are privately owned. With this in mind we ask you not to come into any of the barns to stroke the horses. They all have different personalities and do not all like being fussed. A lot of the horses have different and sometime very special dietary requirements so no feeding of the horses is permitted by the general public.

We are a working farm and often have large machinery moving around the premises . Please do not presume you have been seen, always keep out the way .

Dogs are only allowed in the car park on a lead.

If you are bringing your horse for a visit, a passport must be presented to the office before unloading and vaccinations must be up to date. Our policy is currently 12 months unless you are competing in a British Dressage event and then it must be 6 months. If you are attending a riding club event you will need to follow the rules set out in their schedule