At Widmer Equestrian Centre we run a friendly and professional service that we hope will be of benefit to you and your horse.We are a BHS approved livery yard and hold the highest standard of 5 stars with our council licence.We have  53 stables in American style barns,an Isolation block of 4  brand new stables,142 acres of all year turnout,14 individual turn out paddocks,10 two horse paddocks and 4 large shared turnout fields.

All of our fields are electric fenced. We offer our liveries exceptional facilities and fantastic staff.We are a riding school so we can provide you with specific training for all of your needs. Widmer Equestrian Centre is able to offer a large range of types of livery to co-inside with busy life styles, holidays and difficult work patterns. We are also able to provide a farrier for our liveries.

Own farriers are more than welcome but 24 hours notice must be given prior to their arrival and a copy of their insurance is required. All livery horses will be put onto a strict worming program.

Types of livery

Grass Livery No facilities £33.00
Grass Livery Use of most outdoor facilities £42.00
DIY Use of most facilities with hay £57.00

Sequoia Equestrian

Part Livery 5 day

No exercise £140.00

Sequoia Equestrian

Part Livery 7 day

No exercise £160.00

Sequoia Equestrian

Full Livery 7 day

With exercise £220.00

DIY and Grass livery enquiries please contact Jenny on 01844 275 139 or

All full and part livery enquiries please contact Shaun Frew  on 07398 180 641

Holiday livery P.O.A

Working livery P.O.A

Grass livery in shared mixed sex fields with lots of natural shelter .

DIY standard and deluxe in large single sex fields. Ab-lib hay in the stable.