Riding for the Disabled (RDA)

RDA at Widmer Riding School


The RDA riders’ disabilities cover a fairly broad spectrum of physical and learning difficulties, and the RDA High Wycombe group rely on a very loyal and hard working team of volunteers to run the professional service they offer.

They currently use 2 of our horses and 2 of our ponies and borrow others when necessary. The remainder of the week the horses are used by the riding school.

The ponies and horses that we at Widmer provide are carefully chosen for their calm and even temperaments. They have to be very forgiving and adaptable as their riders can be quite unbalanced or sometimes noisy and they must be as steady as rocks with nervous riders. Above all, they have been chosen for their unflappable natures and placid view on life.

Riding for the Disabled gives people with limited mobility the chance to stretch and move muscles in a way that may not be possible with other forms of exercise. The position in the saddle and the movement of the horse is a therapy in itself, improving riders’ balance, co-ordination and muscle tone. Riding also gives a great sense of freedom and the empathy which develops between our riders and their horses is lovely to see. Confidence often improves, along with increased self esteem and well-being.

The High Wycombe RDA volunteers are a happy band of helpers and there is a great sense of camaraderie and companionship. New volunteers are always welcome.

Please call us if you’d like more information.

“The High Wycombe RDA group is delighted with its new home at Widmer Equestrian Centre. Excellent facilities and friendly, professional staff. The riders love the willing, good natured horses and perky Piper is a particular favourite of Vicky.The viewing gallery is a special place to wait for your riding session – nice and cosy in winter. The riders now benefit from a new mounting block sponsored by the Chiltern Equine Clinic.We have two RDA sessions a week when riders learn basic skills as well as some stable management. We have 8 girls from Alfriston School, Beaconsfield, on Tuesdays and 8 adults from the community on Fridays” . Gloria Holmes





RDA High Wycombe