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Vaccination policy 2019

All competitors are requested to ensure that their horses are fully vaccinated

against Equine Flu and have received their boosters ( more than 7 days prior

to the event) and are considered to be fit and well prior to attending Widmer

Equestrian Centre. Horses travelling from contaminated yards are forbidden

to come on to site. Veterinary advice should be sought should any competitor

be concerned about their horse's health prior to attending a show.

Passports must be available for inspection and are to be shown to the

show secretary BEFORE dropping the ramp at any Widmer Equestrian

centre event.

Further spot checks will be carried out on horses visiting the

Centre during any of our events.
We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all our

horses and thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Start date: Saturday, 14th December, 2019
2pm to 3pm
Saturday, 14th December, 2019
Order Arena Start time Level Bridle No Rider Horse
1 1 14:00:00 101 Donna Wheable Amber
2 1 15:00:00 102 Georgia Jones Patch
3 1 16:00:00 103 Jodie Worboys Magic
4 1 17:00:00 104 Megan Poulton Annie
5 1 18:00:00 105 Sam Tanner Cotswold manor Cadbury
3pm to 4pm
Saturday, 14th December, 2019
Order Arena Start time Level Bridle No Rider Horse
1 1 15:00:00 100 Joanne Monaghan-welsh Olive
2 1 16:00:00 106 Charlotte Roberts rocky
3 1 17:00:00 107 Vicky Butterfield Bud
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Livery spaces

We have 2 Full or Part livery spaces
2 DIY spaces
1 Grass livery space

For all inquiries please contact jenny at Jenny.widmer@hotmail.co.uk

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