New Rider Registration

All riders are required to fill in a rider registration form yearly. There is an opt in box to keep up to date with upcoming events and offers. You can download a paper form by clicking the button below or fill it in online

All riders are able to hire hats from us for £1 per session. We recommend that after 6 lessons if the rider is keen that you purchase your own hat from Widmer Feeds. They are qualified in hat and body protector fitting and will only sell you hats that comply with the governing standards. If you let them know you ride here with us they will offer you a discount. You will not be allowed to ride in second hand hats where the history on that hat is unknown. This is for the safety of the rider. You will not be able to ride in hats that do not come up to standard or we are unhappy with the condition. Some ‘Cheap’ hats are being sold but are not up to standard.